The Department of Political Science and Unternational Relations offers undergraduate education leading to a Bachelaor of Science (BS) degree in Political Science and International Relations.The department’s main philosophy is to enable students to understand political processes as well as developing their analytical abilities and faculties of critical thinking.The department consists of two closely related discipline. Political science, first of all, analyzes current/contemporary political events and processess. It also discusses how the political concepts and ideas evolved in time and space.Since without looking into past, it is impossible to understand the current there is also an emphasis on history.Courses such as political theory , history of political thought, comparative politics and Turkish politics are offered.

International relations is relatively new , but increasingly important, discipline. It deals with complex relationships between stataes, relationships between international organizations as well relations between states and those organizations.International economic relations and international law, is of course, an indispensable part of the curriculum.

The end of the cold war, and the increasing pace of globalisation has made the study of international relations ever more important and attractive. The line between internal and foreign ( or external ) politics has further been blurred,and for some at least, became meaningless. The department, with its finely balanced curriculum between political science and international relations, enable students to make sense ever more changing and complex world.

Employment Opportunities

The program aims at preparing students for a wide variety of career options in busines, public service, media, public relations, and the like.After the second year, students are encouraged to specialize various subfields depening on creer paths they have chosen.With our distinguished faculty members, we have a great confidence that the department can meet the demand and aspirations of its privileged students.