The Department of Political Science and International Relations offers undergraduate and graduate education. The basic philosophy of the department is to give students the ability to understand and interpret political phenomena and processes, as well as to give students the ability to evaluate opinions together with analytical and critical thinking. Our department, which consists of two interrelated disciplines, aims to enable its students to graduate primarily with a broad vision in social sciences. Our department offers a wide range of job opportunities as it provides education in the fields demanded in the public and private sectors in today’s conditions.


Political Science is a discipline that examines political thought in a scientific perspective and examines its impact on political institutions in different social and historical contexts. The discipline of Political Science, which examines the current analysis of political processes and the development of these processes over time, contributes to a rich formation by making use of the findings of disciplines such as sociology, history, anthropology and philosophy in an interdisciplinary perspective. In this program, which has a qualified academic staff, students have the necessary scientific knowledge in basic subjects of Political Science such as political theory, comparative politics and Turkish politics.


The International Relations discipline, which emerged more recently than Political Science, is gaining increasing importance. The International Relations discipline analyzes the political, legal and economic relations between various actors in the international system such as intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, multinational companies and states. It examines the foreign policy aspects of the political, legal and economic structures of societies that are increasingly interrelated today.


International politics, which gained a different dimension with the collapse of the Eastern Block in the early 1990s, made the study of the International Relations discipline more variable and more complex. In the dialectic of globalization and localization, international politics can play a decisive role in the domestic politics of states. In this context, Political Science and Domestic Policy cannot be examined independently from the perspective of International Relations. The increasing importance of the discipline of International Relations with globalization has made it necessary to teach the discipline in universities. For this purpose, our department aims to transfer the discipline of International Relations with historical and contemporary approaches to students without breaking their connection with Political Science.


The main vision of our department since its establishment is to provide mutual contribution with international literature and to provide academic knowledge and experience. For this reason, it is becoming one of the most preferred departments in Turkey. As a department whose language of instruction is English, the mission of the Department of Political Science and International Relations is to provide students with an educational program that will benefit from international academic literature with all their possibilities and to create the conditions that will allow students to enter the business world with a strong infrastructure after graduation with the experience they will gain in this program. In this context, the Department of Political Science and International Relations aims to raise individuals who have international standards both in the business world and in the academic world.