Master of Political Science program primarily aims at helping graduate students acquire an academic background to enable them to better understand domestic and foreign policy developments, phenomena and concepts as well as to specialize in their areas of interest. Offered in Turkish, the program is open to graduate students planning an academic career and employees who would like to obtain a post-graduate degree in politics. The program offers courses on classical and contemporary political theory, various Political Science elective courses as well as International Relations elective courses. It can be distinguished from others with the emphasis it lays on Ottoman-Turkish politics and interdisciplinary modern Turkey studies.

The instruction language of the program, which is offered as thesis and non-thesis variants, is Turkish. A total of 75 ECTS credit (10 courses) and a 15 ECTS credit Project course must be taken for completing the non-thesis program. The thesis program requires a total of 52.5 ECTS credit courses (7 courses); a 7.5 ECTS credit Seminar; a 7.5 ECTS credit Specialized Field Lecture and a 22.5 ECTS credit thesis. The thesis must be successfully defended at the oral defense exam. Students who are not graduates of political science or related departments can be required by the Department of Political Science and International Relations to first take and pass the preparatory course PSI 555 “Politics: Basic Concepts” before they take compulsory and elective courses in both thesis and non-thesis programs. The courses are offered at Balgat Campus, at the evening hours.